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Tanel Sokk: Our goal is to win OlyBet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League


Tanel Sokk, Photo: Siim Semiskar

TTV weekly sports show "Spordisõbrad" hosted BC Kalev/Cramo`s vetera guard Tanel Sokk who talked about their goals in OlyBet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League.  


Sokk, who played for Tartu in the last couple of years is facing a new role in BC Kalev/Cramo where he has previously played in 2006-14. Also the newly formed OlyBet Latvian-Estonian Basketball league is new for him.


Creative guard believes that the new league will raise the level of basketball in Estonia: "Latvia has shown that their national teams have leveled up. Same thing with the clubs. The average level is a bit higher then ours at the moment. 


Experienced player agrees that according to pre-season games, Kalev/Cramo team is really strong. "Training games reveal half of the truth actually. But our only goal in Olybet Latvian-Estonian league is the first place! In VTB league we have to take it game-by-game and win against our level teams. We want to make it to the play-offs," said Sokk. 









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