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The final tournament of the Paf Estonian-Latvian Basketball League will take place from 8th to 11th of April in Riga


The Final 6 competition of the Paf Estonian-Latvian Basketball League will be held from 8 to 11 April in Riga, at the Elektrum Olympic Sports Center, in the so-called bubble format. Three Estonian and three Latvian clubs will be eligible for the final tournament.

As this season has been unpredictable due to the coronavirus and several games have had to be postponed, the teams that are in the top three in terms of the winning percentage in their country as of April 4 will be eligible. Rankings will be locked regardless of whether all regular season games have been played at that time or not. Both the first team of Estonia and Latvia will advance directly to the semi-finals, the others will start the play-offgames from the quarter-finals (EST 3. vs LAT 2. and EST 2. vs LAT 3.).


If one of the TOP 3 clubs is isolated, the opportunity to participate in the final tournament will be offered to next club in the ranking


Kristaps Janičenoks, Director of Latvian Basketball Leagues: “During the season we faced various difficulties, however, by productively cooperating with our clubs and representatives of the Estonian Basketball Federation, we have implemented the best possible scenarios for the current situation. Thanks to our clubs, who have trusted in these difficult times and are constructively looking for solutions so that the tournament would not stop and we would be able to determine the champions of the third season."


"Given today's situation, the bubble format is the only possible solution. We hope that we will be able to follow the sporting principle in the final competition and three best of both countries will reach the play-ff games. But as this season has shown, we must be prepared for the unexpected. In the bubble, we follow similar rules to the Eurobasket qualifiers, all those involved are tested just before the games, you can move from the hotel to the hall and back, and the contact is kept to a minimum, ”said Henri Ausmaa, the head of the Estonian Basketball Association's leagues and competitions.


“The season has been a bumpy road, but it is a pleasure to see that an opportunity has been found for the Estonian and Latvian teams to compete against each other. If last spring we got the winners with the help of computer games, we can now enjoy real basketball and try to screw the extra tension in the finals through our betting portal. Paf will support the Estonian-Latvian league next season as well, and we hope that the whole season will go from the beginning to the end as planned, ”added Allar Levandi, Paf's Estonian manager.


The quarter-finals will take place on April 8, the semi-finals on April 10 and the medal matches on April 11.




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