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New League will start! Latvian-Estonian Basketball League`s namesponsor is Olybet!


Edgars Šneps and Keio Kuhi. Photo: Siim Semiskar

Estonian and Latvian Basketball associations representetives gathered for press conference on 19th of september to announce the start of Olybet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League.

Latvian Basketball Associaton Secretary General Edgars Šneps: „New league will bring much excitement to everybody. We hope it will bring more crowd to arenas and make basketball more popular in both countries. We have cooperation experience with women`s league and I hope the new project will be long-term.“


Estonian Basketball Association Secretary General Keio Kuhi added: „The idea of this league started a few years ago. Ending of the Baltic Basketball league gave us the last push to start cooperating with latvians. Lot of work has been done after that. Everybody has said that all sides will win from our united league. I think OlyBet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League is going to be ambitious and professional.“


League`s namesponsor is going to be OlyBet who has been a partner for both Estonian and Latvian Basketball for many years. „Decision had to be made fast. We talked with associations from both countries for about a month. Basketball has always been a part of our organization and the decision-making process was easy for us. Passion and action which comes hand in hand with this league is also important for Olybet as well. We will see how far this league will go,“ said OlyBet marketing and sales director Tanel Taal.


OlyBet Latvian-Estonian League will start on 28th of september in Tallinn between last year champions BC Kalev/Cramo and BK Ventspils.



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