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MVP of October – Kristaps Dārgais


Kristaps Dargais. Foto: Renars Kors.

10 victories in 10 games, including win against first season Champions BK “Ventspils” and Estonian Champs “Kalev/Cramo”, as well as individually impressive performance has brought “BK Ogre” and their Power forward Kristaps Dārgais in well-deserved spotlight in the beginning of the season. Kristaps has helped his team to success with an average of 30 minutes, 10,9 points, 8,9 rebounds, 5,3 assists and efficiency index – 20,7. But the team’s performance is characterized by the tournament table where “Ogre” is in the 1 st place.

“It is a pleasure to watch tournament table, but it is known from the experience of the previous years, that in basketball the main events take place in the spring. If you don’t success then – there’s no real satisfaction. So, we’re not too excited,” admits 29-year-old player from “Ogre” who is standing on the ground with both feet.


Already in previous seasons, “Ogre” has proved that they can win any team. So victories in Ventspils and Tallinn can’t be called sensational. But we can call sensation your 10-game winning streak. How did you managed to do that?


There are various reasons. Of course, what matters is that the core of the team has been fighting together for three seasons now. We know each other well, know what to expect and trust each other. And coach Nikolajs Mazurs has brought new ideas that works.


Has the tactics changed?


The coach has his own vision. Team style adapts to player’s ability. No one is forced to do what he can’t – team strength appears if everyone on the court can do what they do best. Something new this season is yoga and different breathing exercises. They’re small stuff, but in sports it is the number of small things that make up the results.


In the previous years you have proved you can score and get a lot of rebounds, but this year you’re showing some new quality – your average assists per game often beats up point guards from other teams…

It’s not like this has happened only this year. Thanks to coach Martins Gulbis – because of my injury, I managed to play only for few months on his team, but Martins showed me new directions in basketball, how I can be useful for the team. In the previous season there were also some games where I made a lot of assists. This year the average stats are better because my teammates shoots better. Most of my passes are addressed to free snipers at the three-point line. And they score. (laughs)


There is no lack of confidence?


Yes, it showed during the season. Pre-season game cycle was tough for us. There were strong opponents and we won only two games. Also, in the first official game against “Jurmala Betsafe” we were not far from losing. It can be said that in the end we were lucky, but after all if we won – we deserved it! (smiling)


How did you prepare for this season?


Everything was as usual. Most of the summer I worked on my physical condition and started on slam-dunk competitions. After that – practices with the team.


BK “Ogre” has developed purposefully and gradually improved its position, reaching the 3 rd place in

Latvia last year. What is the feeling now in Ogre?


… that the both traditional favorites – “VEF Rīga and “Ventspils” can be won this year. Still strong, still more powerful that other team, but the difference is not as big as previous years. So we can fight. Of course, if we do everything we can.


And also, your city will help…


It is already happening. The support of the fans in every game is excellent. Many people in Ogre come to talk every day, telling they live with our games live or at least on the TV screen. We are real “city team”.





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