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14 teams have applied for the 4th Pafbet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League Championship



Six Latvian and eight Estonian teams have applied for Pafbet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League season of 2021/2022 .

Latvia will be represented by: “VEF Rīga”, BK “Ventspils”, BK “Ogre”, BK “Liepāja”, “Valmiera GLASS VIA” un “Latvijas Universitāte”.


Estonia will be represented by: “BC Kalev/Cramo”, “Pärnu Sadam”, “Tartu Ülikool Maks & Moorits”, “AVIS UTILITAS Rapla”, “Rakvere Tarvas”, “TALTECH,” “Tallinna Kalev/TLÜ”, “KK Viimsi”.


The regular season will include two rounds, followed by the quarter-finals and Final 4. The league’s management will follow the development of the epidemiological situation in both countries and if necessary, the playoff system may be changed.


The best men’s basketball clubs in Latvia and Estonia played in the joint championship for the first time in the season of 2018/2019, participated by 15 teams. BK Ventspils became the first winners of the league.


In the season of 2019/2020 the championship was stopped shortly before the end of the regular season, when the Covid-19 pandemic began.


In the season of 2020/2021 13 teams participated in the tournament. Due to restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, the regular season was played in two groups, with the teams of each country competing only against each other. In April, the three best Latvian and Estonian teams participated in the Final 6 tournament in Riga, where BC Kalev/Cramo was crowned as league’s Champions. In the second place was VEF RIGA, third place – BK Ogre.


In the upcoming season there will be a newcomer in the league, as KK Viimsi from Estonia will join the championship. In 2020/2021 season, Viimsi won the title in the second highest league in Estonia, Saku I League, and got the opportunity to join the Pafbet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League. Viimsi is known for their strong organization, loyal fanbase and good youth system. The club has announced that Valdo Lips will take the head coach position. “Our goal is to compete for the medals. We want to play fun and modern basketball. It`s all we can say right now,” said Lips.




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